Enchant, curse, charm!

In Brutal Spell you must use all of your tricks to be victourios! In a battle of witches even the most unusual methods will be displayed; I wand:er if you can keep up!

Fight as a Dinobaby against your siblings to win over your Wizard father´s love.

Dinozards was also SGA nominated for Best Execution in Design

Feel the Retro hit you when these radical cyborgs play some soccer. Some Virtual Human Soccer.

Leshy is a first person puzzle game with a style inspired by Slavic culture in which you take the role as the grandfather of the forest.

WORSTMART - Retail Mayhem is a physics based party game where you need to shop for your life in a crazy battle for survival. 

Get ready - it’s discount season at WorstMart, so pick up your controller and be ready to shop!