Dinozards is a couch co-op multiplayer party

game where you fight as a Dinobaby aganst your siblings to win over your Wizard fatherĀ“s love.

Dinozards was also SGA nominated for Best Execution in Design

On Dinozards I was responsible for drawing the concept of the characters and overpaints of the environments. Additionally I drew the character images for the cinematics and contributed to the UI of the game.

An early overpaint of the level to capture the mood and the environment.
                     The picture in the top right is done by Jessica Svendeborn.

Character concept

In the beginning of the project the gameplay and the concept started to take form. I knew that we would have a primal setting and we  were leaning more and more towards the dinosaur theme.

I concepted a range of different types of characters so the team could vote for their favorite and number 15 ended up victorious!

The characters went through many different changes but in the end the final Dinozards were made. It was decided to give them a similar look so in order to distinguish them better and give them more personality the characters were given different magical items to give them more variety.

First iteration of the characters.It was later decided that they should be more similar in look.

I gave them an outfit similar to their wizard father because I wanted to give the impression that they strive to be like him and copy his clothing.