Brutal spell is a cartoon styled action packed fighting game with a brutal twist! Take on the role and choose between 4 different witches each with their own distinct personality in a game of magical battles.

I directed and made all the art for the game including assets, concept and UI.

5 week project.

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Baron Samedi is based on the Haitian vodou loa (spirit) of same name and is a loa of the dead. As a realm keeper and giver of life and death, he uses his 3 loa (spirits) to defeat other witches who stand in his way of victory. He swears outrageously and makes filthy jokes to other fellow spirits, additionally he has a strong fondness of tobacco which is hard to miss. 

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Her name originates from the old Christian name Mercy, which means compassion. In Exodus 15:23 Marah translates to bitterness, there is also a connection to norse mythology and the being "Mara". As she recieves damage the 

fire surrounding her will grow larger eventually scorching her completely, transforming her into a new form of suffering.​ Ash Witch,Beware of her rage.​

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Theodora is based on the Japanese fashion style lolita. A kawaii (cute) style that brings anime over 9000! She can be described as impatient, selfish and spoiled, but also cute and smart, a bit of a loud weeb. In her magical castle she conducts experiments unknown to the normal man, creative and dangerous. In fact, even her most precious tool, her BatCatHat, is one. It is even rumored it is the source of her powers... And now when I think of it, where did her cat go?​

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A wicked and foul witch. Following a horrible accident she lost her eye sight and draws a magical eye to aid her sight. What she truly sees with that eye is a mystery beyond comprehension... Gullvieg's precious cats will do all in their might to protect their master from death. Her cats will grow bigger from within her the more damage she takes.​


Salem background


Unleash your powers!